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The Usage of Ovulation test strips

By | 10 June 2020 | 0 Comments

The Usage of Ovulation test strips
Ovulation test strips can help predict when you will ovulate to advise you and your spouse as when to make a baby in a month, which increase your chance of getting pregnant.
The theory is to detect luteinizing hormone at your urine through comparing the color of the govern line (the line above) and the examination line(the line below).
3 steps:

  1. Immerse the aim of the strip into your urine. Don’t go beyond the Max line.
  2. Take it out after 3 seconds. And put it on a even surface, such as on a desk or table.
  3. Read it 10~20 minutes later,but within 30 minutes.
3 Results:
  1. If the color of the line below is lighter, it means that you are not in the ovulation period, but not in the peak. Keep testing daily.
  2. If the color of the line below is the same as the line above, or even darker, it is likely that you will ovulate in 2 days. Getting pregnant is possible in these 2 days.
  3. If there is 1 line appearing on the test strip. Then you are not in the ovulation period or you have passed the ovulation peak already.

In order to make the prediction more accurate, please do the test between 10 o’clock in the morning and 8 o’clock in the evening.And don’t drink water 2 hours before the testing.
As when to take the test,it depends on the menstrual cycle. The cycle is usually 28 days for most women, then take the test 12 days after the period starts.Some women has a cycle of 30 days, then take the test 14 days after the period starts.Sometimes if there is only the govern line,you can test again 24~48 hours later.Once the light red examination line appeared.It means that you are in the ovulation period,but not in the peak,take a test every 24 hours.The peak time only last for 1 day,if you do not keep testing,you will miss the peak time and misunderstand the result as you are not in the ovulation period.Which means that you need to test for 5 days continuously in one week to know the peak time.
Don’t drink too much water or alcohol before testing.
And it is better that you use several methods to predict the ovulating date,then the result can be accurate.Such as taking the body’s basic temperature.It means taking the temperature without doing much body exercise or workout,as the temperature will surely be higher than usual time after there are much body exercise.When the temperature is in the lowest point,it is possible that you are in the ovulation date.But there is not working for some women as their temperature are always in the lowest point.So it is better to use the ovulation test strips and take the temperate if you want to make sure.

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