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Exercise for pregnancy

By Andrea | 10 June 2020 | 0 Comments

 Exercise for pregnancy
Body exercise can help women become strong physically to keep the hormone balance in their bodies.It is better to make a workout plan 3 months before you are trying to get pregnant.
There are 5 reasons that you should have a strong body before you want to get pregnant.

  1. Couples need to keep their body in the best condition to provide best sperm and eggs.
  2. Exercise can enhance sexual desire and sensitivity to sex, so that couples can get more fun from sexual life, which is conducive to pregnancy
  3. Appropriate exercise can promote development of the pregnant woman's body, waist and back,  maintain the normal position of the uterus, and benefit pregnancy and childbirth.
  4. Exercise can enhance the heart function of pregnant women and improve the blood's ability to transport oxygen and nutrients. It is beneficial for pregnancy and childbirth.
  5. Appropriate exercise can strengthen the strength of the pelvic muscles of the pregnant woman and help future labor
It is better to do approximately 150 minutes or 2 1/2 hours each week.But it is perfect to exercise for 2 hours every day if time permit.You also need to adjust according to your health condition and limits.
The top choice is barre workouts which help you tone and strengthen your muscles,but walking, jogging, hiking, dancing, swimming or doing an aerobics class in a gym can also be options too.
Barre workout is a kind of fitness lesson which uses ballet-inspired movements to strengthen your muscles and whole body.It is a very popular workout nowadays.If there are classes of barre workout in your region,it will be perfect.This is new and trendy,but it is very expensive. Especially the tailored classes for women who are pregnant,some studios will offer discounts if you buy a longer-term membership. Knowing the kind of music that is played can confer you a good sentiment of how the lesson will feel and if it will suit you.
If this isn't at your budget,you can think doing some of these exercises at home.If the budget is not tight,you can order a professional ballet training barre,which is around 300$.
If the budget is tight,you can buy a barre which is 50$ for non-professional group.
But for most homes,they don’t have space for a barre,then they can use a chair.
There are following 4 pieces of advice for workout at home.
  1. Check out videos online or blog or publication articles because some moves or routines can be conducted at home. There are some ballet workout DVD that you can order online.
  1. Buy and wear Elastic Sports clothing:Sports bras or tank tops showing your stomach and sticky socks which help hinder your feet from sliding during the workout.
  1. Before the workout starts,try 5 minutes warming up exercise.
  1. If you feel exhausted because of certain health condition,please take a break for 5 minutes.

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