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How to Increase Oxygen Saturation

By Brian Xu | 24 July 2020 | 0 Comments
What is Oxygen saturation? Oxygen saturation is the fraction of oxygen-saturated hemoglobin relative to total hemoglobin in the blood. It commonly referred to as "sats" in medicine. The human body requires and regulates a very precise and specific balance of oxygen in the blood. Normal arterial blood oxygen saturation levels in humans are 95–100 percent. If the level is below 90 percent, it is considered low.  Arterial blood oxygen levels below 80 percent may compromise organ function, such as the brain and heart. Continued low oxygen levels may lead to respiratory or cardiac arrest. Want to know what level your oxygen saturation is? Check the link down below and go to our website, MomMed provides professional advice and products for pregnancy.

Now, here are some small tricks for you to improve your oxygen saturation level:
First, you need to change how you breathe. Scientific research has shown that many adults respiration about 15 times per minute, try to reduce this number to 10 per minute, you can join in a yoga lesson or get instructed at diaphragmatic breathing (either by a respiratory trainer or a vocal coach). Breathe more slowly and deeply is an effective way to engage your oxygen saturation level.

Second, use medical interventions. If you have consistently low oxygen saturation levels because of COPD. Your doctor can lay you at supplemental oxygen. This treatment involves the oxygen tanks, flexible tubing, and a cannula that feeds the oxygen into your nose. And you need to receive medications as well. There are inhaled corticosteroids(ICS),short- and long-acting beta-2 agonists(SABA &LABA). In this case, you need to know how to control your oxygen saturation at a healthy level and supplementation regularly. You can check your oxygen saturation by placing a pulse oximeter on your finger. The process is quick, easy, non-invasive, and painless. If you have obstructive sleep apnea, ask your doctor about getting a PAP or BiPap apparatus. The apparatus comes with a hose and a mask that you wear at your mouth and nose.

Third, making lifestyle changes. Breathing at smoke from cigar products can damage your lung and inhibit its ability to efficiently bring oxygen to your bloodstream. Also, oxygen levels in the surrounding atmosphere can affect your oxygen saturation. So please stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke. Then, drink more water and try to lose some fat. Each time you drink water, you are introducing oxygen into your body, drink water can help loosen up the mucus at your airways. And lower BMI levels have been shown to correlate with higher oxygen saturation levels. Losing weight makes it easier to get oxygen to your body.

I believe ow you know what oxygen saturation is. Remember, try to breathe slowly and deeply now, drink more water and go lose some fat if you have to, then go to the doctor if you need medical interventions. More questions? Feel free to send us an email at we are here to help.

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