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By Jolie | 28 October 2019 | 0 Comments
If you are one of those people that likes to enjoy the spooky delights of Halloween without looking like a total jerk, I understand. If you dont want to dress up for your big night out , you dont have to! However, keep in mind that this means the regular dress code is in effect: Men need to wear a collared shirt and dress shoes (jeans are cool, but try to snazz the rest of your outfit up a bit); Women are often given more leeway, but the better you look the easier it will be to get in. Both men and women should avoid sneakers and baseball hats.
If you are going all out and wearing a costume, here are some things to keep in mind:
1.Face paint or Latex Prosthetics

Face paint (i.e. kitty whiskers and nose) is acceptable, as long as you are recognizable and bouncers can match your face to the photo on your ID. The same goes for any latex prosthetics you would use (i.e. wounds, ears, noses).
Wigs are obviously cool, because they wont alter your face, but be prepared to whip it off upon request in order to gain entry to the club.

If the bouncer cant see your face, then you cant get into the club. Masks are prohibited (even though you can take them off to show your face, they have brought the hammer down on this issue to ensure everyones safety). Masquerade-style eye masks are allowed, but know that you will have to remove them at the door in order to gain entry.
Do you have a suitable mask choice?

VERSATILE WEAR: Wear the scary mask with some black robes or a formal suit and get a cool and unique Halloween costume! Wear the mask for cosplaying, festivals, when you go clubbing, for your next party, or just about any event where you want to make an impression on the crowd. More imformation:
Still annoying the babys Halloween costumes
This Halloween might be your infants first, so why not go all out when it comes to their baby costume? Maybe he or shes a wee bit young for candies and gummies, but that doesnt mean you have to sidestep dressing up your kiddo to show em off during trick-or-treat time. 
Here are some of the sweetest and most creative infant Halloween idea.
ittle Sapling?

Who ate the grandmother of Little Red Riding Hood?
Little red riding-hood, Big bad wolf, and lumber jack.
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell sibling Halloween costumes
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