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The "10-months Journey"(Chapter Two)

By MomMed | 10 July 2020 | 0 Comments
Ten months of pregnancy is a tough time for those pregnant mum who always worries about the baby, so what are the things to pay attention to in each month after pregnancy? In this article, Im going to talk about the monthly pregnancy precautions and hope that will give you some useful suggestions in a specific month.

Pregnant for SIX months. (week 21-24)
Maternity clothes with loose bellies should be worn. The cloth material chooses light soft, breathable, hygroscopic good silk, pure cotton fabric is better, unfavorable use chemical fiber kind of fabric. Due to the high intake of calcium and other ingredients by the fetus, sometimes you will suffer from toothache or stomatitis. Pay attention to your oral hygiene. Some pregnant moms of this period can appear crus dropsy phenomenon, stand, crouch sit too long or sash tie-in too tight, dropsy can aggravate. General edema does not accompany high blood pressure, urine protein belongs to the normal phenomenon after pregnancy. If edema worsens gradually, should consider going to the hospital. Pay attention to prevent constipation, eat more food containing crude fiber, such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, etc. should also drink more water, drink at least 6 cups of boiling water every day. Pregnant mom with swelling should drink less water at night and enough during the day. Pregnancy is prone to urinary tract infections. Drinking more water is an effective way to keep the urine stream flowing smoothly. Experiments have shown that fetuses are able to remember, hear, and learn at six months of gestation. You can start prenatal music. Get enough sleep, proper activities, and good nutrition. The key is to be positive and keep in a good mood.

Pregnant for SEVEN months. (week 25-28)
Get enough sleep. During sleep, the mother's ptosis produces hormones that promote fetal growth. The quality of food is more important than quantity, should supply a variety of foods. Learn to breathe from the abdomen, which delivers enough oxygen to the fetus. Correct posture is: back leans a small cushion, knee unbends, the whole body is loosened, the hand is placed on the abdomen gently. Then start to breathe in through your nose until your stomach is swollen. When exhaling, narrow your mouth, slowly and strongly insist to the end, all the air in your body out a notice when exhaling than when inhaling, slowly exhaling. Do it more than three times a day. This period of fetal education should continue to listen to music. Besides, stroking your belly is also a good way to give birth to a baby. The motion of stroking is to touch, shake, rub or pat gently, 3 to 4 times a day, when the fetal head, back, and limbs can be touched gently. While stroking, talking to the fetus is more beneficial to the fetus. Fathers should also be involved in fetal caresses and conversations. Have a breast wash and massage. This period pregnant woman foot is easy dropsy when sleeping, had better pad a few feet taller.

Pregnant for EIGHT months. (week 29-32)
By this time the fetus is nearly mature enough to survive outside the womb. Little muscles began to appear in the small body, and the legs began to kick and jump, and the fetal movement was much stronger than before. The auditory system develops at this time. By the 30th week of gestation, the brain waves of the fetus's brain can be seen. At this point, fetal consciousness begins to sprout. In this period, beware of pregnancy poisoning. The main manifestations of pregnancy poisoning are edema, proteinuria, and hypertension. Weight control, nutrition balance, and adequate sleep are effective measures to prevent the disease. Fetal movement can be used for home monitoring of the baby. Every morning, noon, and night each measurement of an hour, then, add these three numbers together and times by four is 12 hours of the number of fetal movement. Normal 30 to 100 times. If the fetal movement is less than 3 times per hour or less than half than the previous day, it indicates that the fetus has hypoxia in utero, should be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. pregnant mom should eat the protein with higher nutrition value more, contain the food of mineral substance and vitamin. Control your intake of fats and starches to prevent the baby from becoming obese and making delivery difficult. Abdominal rubbing liquid vitamin E or oil to increase the elasticity of the abdominal skin, reduce the appearance of pregnancy line.

Pregnant for NINE months. (week 33-36)
At this time, some parts of the fetus's brain are not yet mature but are already well developed. To external stimuli, he or she responds not only with his or her whole body but also with facial expressions, such as "like" or "hate". This month the fetus begins to respond to light coming from outside the mother's body. The bigger and bigger belly makes you panting and a full stomach. Be careful not to eat too much at one time, eat small meals more often, and count snacking as a part of your diet. Gentle light, not dazzling, can enhance the rhythm of fetal brain response to light and dark, promote brain development and maturity. It is suggested that the father move a flashlight to illuminate the mother's abdomen to train the baby's sensitivity to light. With the expansion of the abdomen, the digestive function continues to decline, more likely to cause constipation. Eat some potato kind, seaweed kind, and contain fiber much vegetable more. A heavy body weighs heavily on your leg muscles, causing cramps and aches. Massage your legs or raise your feet before bed. Many pregnant moms have low back pain, don't take it too seriously, It will heal naturally after delivery. You may suffer from frequent insomnia due to mental fatigue, restlessness, fetal movement, and restricted sleep positions. Don't worry, if you can't sleep, simply read for a while, calm and natural to sleep. If it is far from the expected date of delivery, but repeatedly appears contractions like pain, or bleeding, this is the symptoms of premature delivery, should be immediate to the hospital for examination.

Pregnant for TEN months. (week 37-40)
You could be hospitalized suddenly at any time. Just relax and get ready for it.
Introduce several methods to eliminate ineffective muscle tension during childbirth. Practice for half an hour every day.
Shallow breathing - Lying on your back with your lips slightly open, as in childbirth, take shallow breathing at equal intervals between the inhalation and exhalation. This method is used to relieve abdominal tension.
Shortness of breath - As in childbirth, put your hands together and concentrate on taking a few short breaths in a row. To concentrate abdominal strength and allow the head of the fetus to slowly come out.
Muscle relaxation - Bend the elbows and knees hard, then straighten and relax. This is a muscle relaxation exercise that takes advantage of differences in muscle tension.
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