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Christmas Giveaway Event Frist 20 Winners List

By Brian Xu | 05 January 2021 | 0 Comments

Good news everyone!!!
After our statistics and collation, we have selected the first 20 winners of the Christmas gift event.
Thanks for your patience and sorry about the delay.
We sincerely hope that this late Christmas gift will help you to make everything go well in the coming year.
The winners are:

Alisha McCracken
Cindy Chow
Alana Dimambro
Ginger Zachary
Kelly Smith
Isabell Roush
Mary Dailey
Kari Owens Richards
Corri Davetta Arrowood
Maddy Kotni
Ronni O'Brien
Melodie Thomas
Tiffy Tisdale
Kris Mihalov
Jodi Ann Ratliff
Amber Stewart
Ashley Sammons
Bibi Baksh
Lyz Miller
Shirley Conrad

Please contact us through Facebook as soon as possible, at the same time, our customer service staff will try to reach you as well.
The second 20 winners will be announced a couple of days later.
Please stay tuned.
Mommed wishes you all the best in 2021.

(We actually can’t say too much about any giveaway event on Facebook. Otherwise, our Facebook homepage will get block again. So all the details about any giveaway event in the future will post on our own website. Thanks for your understanding.)

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